Jobs vary according to the season, but there is always work to be done!

Talents and skills of every kind can aid in ministry at Mount Eagle.  We are continually striving for excellence in upgrading, maintaining and equipping our facilities for service in ministry. 

Brush Cutting and Clearing

From weed pulling to creating trails, our brush cutters are crucial to keep the operation going strong on our property.

Cut & Split Firewood

During the colder months we go through a lot of firewood.  We spend most of the year chopping firewood to make sure we have enough.  If you are able to split firewood we need your help. 


With 8 buildings on site, not including our boat chapel, we are constantly touching up items around the property.   If you or your group would be willing to help us out, please let us know. 

Kitchen & Hospitality

Many of our groups request that we help them with hospitality and preparing food.  We can always use some extra hands to help make sure groups feel welcome and get what they need on time. 


With over 10,000 acres we can never keep up with all the yard work and flower beds that make our property beautiful.  IF you have a green thumb we need your help.

General Handy Work

From Small electrical upgrades to fixing up porches and other small projects around the property. There are always things to do.

Creation Care

The Earth Is The Lord’s

The 2008 General Conference reaffirmed its commitment to care for creation and reduce the carbon footprint that United Methodists are making. Camp & retreat centers were noted as sources for education and practice of earth stewardship. Mount Eagle has long been participating in such an effort and now more than ever, invites and urges our guests to work with us. We are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint through recycling and conservation.

Energy Saving Lighting

We utilize energy saving lighting & energy star appliances in our facilities.

Please turn off lights when not in use, operate heat and air conditioning on their recommended settings by each unit control in the buildings.

Recycled Paper

We Only Use Recycled Paper Products In Our Facilities & Want You To Do The Same.


Please turn off lights when not in use, operate heat and air conditioning only when really needed & set thermostats at recommended temperatures: 68 in winter; 73-75 in summer.

Not Thrown Away

We attempt to compost or recycle everything we use so we can help keep the landfills smaller. Please use items that can be recycled such as clean cardboard & paper, rinsed steel & aluminum cans, and #1 & #2 Plastic.

Cleaning Supplies

We are moving towards using only environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

Locally Sourced

We Buy As Many Of Our Products Local to Help Alleviate Fuel Exhaust 

Reusable is Best

We buy reusable products and stay away from disposable. We ask that you use our “Clothes-pin” napkins and other reusable products during your stay with us.

Drops In The Bucket

We are working hard to leave a Zero-Carbon footprint through recycling and conservation. Please help us by minimizing water consumption during your stay. We are doing our part to help the planet.



935 Beal Rd, Clinton, AR 72031

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